About us

Who we are?

NTNUI Seiling, as a subgroup of NTNUI, is the sports association for the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) responsible for organising sailing activities for its members.

Who can join?

People eligible to get an NTNUI membership (SIT membership not required) can join our group and can participate in various activities we provide. NTNUI membership is mandatory for joining and staying in the group. In particular cases, some exceptions can be made if it's beneficial for the group. However, in most of the cases, if you are not NTNU student or somewhat affiliated to NTNU, you should rather join the TSF. For more information, contact Martine Elisabeth Kjøge?

How to join?

By joining our group, you are not automatically granted the right to use our boats. First, you have to learn how to sail or prove your knowledge to us. We want to make sure that the boat, and most importantly you, are safe out on the water!

The most usual and convenient way is to attend one of the beginner course at the start of the semester. Usually, there's one in September and one in April. This is the preferred option since you will learn the basics on how to sail, how to use our boats and the necessary rules for what's allowed or forbidden to do. You will also meet many of our other members, which you will get to know and be able to sail with, in one of the various activities in the group.

The second option is to take private lessons with our coaches. You need at least two privates to get the equal knowledge that others get during the beginner course. Private lessons are given on personal request by registering private in a booking system and are performed if any coaches are available. Since we are all students, we have limited capacities to always satisfy the demand, but we will do our best to meet your requests.

The third option is only for very experienced sailors. If you can prove your knowledge, you can be approved to use our boats without the course or privates. Contact our Regatta and Training coordinator for this Marie Schrader Bordal.

Activities we organize/join

  • Regular Training (Mondays)
  • Regular Regattas (Wednesday)
  • Weekend Regattas (announced dates)
  • National/International Events (Sports Sailing League)
  • Social events (beer nights, talks, BBQ etc.)

How much it cost to join?

In most of the cases, there're 3 people sailing on one boat, so the usual costs are about 50NOK per person per activity. In detail then:

  • Renting a boat for sailing in your free time: 50NOK/hour per boat (3 hours minimum renting time)
  • Regattas - 150NOK per boat and event
  • Trainings - for free, but you need TSF year membership (390NOK for age< 26, 840NOK for others). You can try the first training without TSF membership.