Terms and Conditions

1. Who, Why, What

Who – seiling.ntnui.no is maintained by IT of NTNUI Sailing and partially by other board members. At times maintainers of this site may be referred as ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘NTNUI Sailing’. The person who is viewing or interacting this site will be refer as ‘you’ or ‘hey you’.

Why - This Terms & Conditions Agreement (“Agreement”) is our contract with you. It tells you what you can and can’t do and what we can and can’t do with you.

What - seiling.ntnui.no is a site with information about sailing and a reservation system to rent the boats. This site is intended only for NTNUI members, you have to become one to be able to use our services. We make money by - (1) renting the boats, (2) providing the services somewhat connected to the sailing and (3) telling people what to do. If you’re buying from us, you will PAY for what you order when you order it. Since we wear the pants around here, it’s up to us whether we’ll rent you the boat and/or provide the service or not. We may also reject your order if we don’t like you.

2. Very bad things that you cannot do

We want you to like us, we really do. However Internet is a danger place, and we don’t like danger spilling over our website. While some of this may seem obvious, we have to tell you anyway because sometimes it’s good to be reminded and it’s mandatory due to some clever dudes sitting at the Brussel.

When using our boats or equipment, we expect the following:

  • Don’t be irresponsible or brainless. You might die! Dying is not as much fun as it might seem in TV and it cause us troubles. There were already others that proved Darwin.
  • Don’t damage or destroy our boats and equipment. It may lead into the dangerous situation for those who’ll sail after you. Always report any damage to us.
  • Always check the weather forecast right before you go sailing and don’t sail when the weather conditions are over your skills.
  • Always rent and pay the boat before you go sailing, state all sailors in a reservation form.
  • Don’t cheat, cheating is bad!
  • As a sailors, we always try to stay above the water. Therefore always wear a safety vest, don’t mess with the animals around you and be sober.
  • Don’t do other things that we don’t like, which is up to us.

When using our site, we expect the following:

  • Don’t be a robot, robots are evil.
  • Don’t spam or use this site to sell your crap without our permission.
  • Don’t give us viruses or try and hack your way into our computers.
  • Don’t interact with parts of the site you’re not supposed to, shoudn’t have or don’t have permission for.
  • Don’t be a jerkface. A jerkface is someone who discriminates, defrauds, hates, or acts like an idiot. Don’t do any of that.
  • Don’t do other things, that we don’t like.

If you follow the rules, you can stay. If you don’t, we can kick you out, haul your ass to court, or tell the boys in a prison where you live. Our failure to enforce against one person is not a waiver to enforce our rights at any time for the same or different offenses.

3. Intellectual property

Don’t steal our stuff.  By stuff, we mean the awesome content, advice, pictures, videos and other things you might find on our sites. Instead ask us for the permission to use it. Thank you… :))

4. Responsibilities and if you break it, you bought it

Person who rent a boat (creates a reservation) is a captain of the boat. Captain must be a NTNUI member, must know how to sail, has to be present onboard all time and has a responsibility over his crew. Captain must avoid any possible dangerous situation, especially sailing in unfavorable conditions (e.g. wind above 4m/s = ~8kn, fog, rain, snowing) without necessary skills to safely handle all situations.

By using our boats or equipment, you are responsible for it. If you break it, you might be asked to pay for it. If damage was caused as consequence of your irresponsible behaviour, you might be also asked to pay the irresponsibility fee, often referred also as a fee for stupidity.

5. Survival of the dead agreement

Sometimes, people mutually agree to stuff that courts just won’t uphold.  That shouldn’t affect the intent of our contract, though, so you agree that if a judge declares a portion of these Terms of Service of no effect, the rest of the Terms of Service will stay in effect as much as is still possible without the part that the judge struck down.

6. Third party sharing

We can share your personal information with the third parties when we feel like. If some commercial subject ask us to share your information with them in order to call you and sell you their awesome new product, Viagra or gold, we send them to hell. If NTNU, NTNUI or TSF ask us for your personal data due to the debts you have there, we will gladly share this information.

Don’t make depts, don’t destroy things, be a nice person! We are watching you, and that big guy up there (God) too! :-)

Our site may have links to third party websites that we have no control over, such as YouTube and Facebook. We have no responsibility over this content (although If those companies want to give us free shares in their company we’re cool with that) and therefore you have to take up any problems you have with those sites with their owners.  Leave us out of it.

7. How long we keep your personal data?

We keep your personal data for 6 years, 6 months, 6 days since you last login. We expect that during this time you manage to graduate. If so, congratulations!