The Thursday practice are arranged by NTNUI Sailing and is for Yngling sailors. The practice will focus on boat handling and trimming of sails, and address some aspects of tactics and route choices on the regatta course. We try to bring with us some buoys to simulate realistic scenarios from regattas so that the sailing becomes interesting for everyone. The practice starts at 18:00 and lasts for about two hours. It is possible to sign up for the training on this page. Feel free to show up in good time so that we can start sailing at 18:00.


Tuesday practice is for the Melges24 teams in Trondheim. This training is held for experienced sailors who have access to NTNUI’s Melges24. This training focuses on boat handling and trimming, as well as exchanges of experience with the other teams in Trondheim. It is not possible to sign up for these practices through this site.


Monday practice is arranged by Trondhjems Seilforening (TSF). Members of NTNUI sailing can participate in the training in exchange for signing up with TSF and paying the training fee. Membership for students (<26 years) costs NOK 410 a year, while the training fee is NOK 500 per semester. For this price, you get to participate in training, and take advantage of other benefits that TSF offers.

The trainings are relatively similar to the Thursdays with NTNUI. It is held together with the other Ynglings in TSF. You will get the opportunity to sail with others from the environment and talk to, and learn from experienced sailors in the association.

The trainings are arranged from 17:30 to 20:30.

Read more about Monday practices with TSF here.

Join Trondhjem’s Sailing Association here.