To become a member of NTNUI Sailing, you must also be a member of NTNUI. Furthermore, you need to be an approved sailor through one of our beginner courses or approval days. The semester fee is 450 NOK.

There are two beginner courses offered each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. These courses are held at the beginning of the semester and the start of the spring season, respectively. The course provides basic knowledge and experience in sailing. If you already have some sailing skills, you can participate in an introduction day where you demonstrate your ability to rig and sail the boat properly. Upon completion of the course or introduction day, you will be approved as a sailor. The beginner course for the spring of 2024 will take place from April 5th to 7th. More information will be posted here soon!

Once you have been approved as a sailor with us, we appreciate it if you become a member of the sailing group through NTNUI’s website:

As a member of NTNUI Sailing, you’ll have the opportunity to rent our boats, receive invitations to social events, and participate in internal regattas and training sessions.

HAVE YOU PREVIOUSLY BEEN A MEMBER AND WANT TO GO SAILING AGAIN? Send us an email to with your name and the year you got approved as a sailor so that you can pay the semester fee!


Trondheim offers an active sailing community, and if you’re interested, you can also become a part of Trondheim Sailing Club (TSF). For students, membership in TSF costs 410 NOK. TSF conducts training sessions for various boat classes and regattas every Wednesday, as well as social events on many weekends during both the fall and spring seasons. Learn more about what TSF has to offer here.

NTNUI Sailing closely collaborates with TSF, and we have the opportunity to participate in their Wednesday regattas with all of our boats. Members of the sailing group can book boats through our website and participate in regattas on days when there are available boats. For regatta sailing, it is mandatory that all participants are approved sailors.


NTNUI Sailing is a small organization with high demand. We are working to increase our capacity, but currently, we can only offer one course per semester.

See you on the fjord!