NTNUI sailing struck game changing cooperation agreement

NTNUI sailing has, through the past couple of months, developed a new cooperation agreement with Maritimt Kompani at Gristad. This deal will be a boost for the motivation and participation in NTNUI sailing and contribute to a lot of great experiences for our members. NTNUI sailing is, through this cooperation, obliged to profile Maritimt Kompani and promote Ullman Sails, as they are the Norwegian importer of this sail brand. 

Maritimt Kompani is located at Grilstad and delivers boating equipment all over middle Norway. They are the supplier of Ullman Sails on the Norwegian market.

We are proud to announce this cooperation and think that this will put a new spark in the student sailing group. The agreement also includes that NTNUI sailing will borrow another Melges 24, and that out Ynglings will get refitted with new gear and sails. With two melgeses in the group, we are able to offer more fun and competitive sailing for our students and partners. 

NTNUI sailing is bound to the agreement for two years, and will profile the partners nationally through this period.

We are looking forward to give our members more opportunities and better possibilities for learning and improvement as sailors.