x-35 Norwegian Championship (Nesodden autumn cup)

Two weeks ago, NTNUI participated in the X-35 Norwegian Championship. We were lucky to get invited and eager to put up a team. It is very cool to see all these sailing enthusiasts joining on such short notice.

The boat was lent to us by one of the class members and that way we could participate. The team leader for the weekend, Ivan Garcia, is very satisfied with their performance, and considering the amount of practice that was put in beforehand (very little), the team did well!

We are hoping to be able to participate in more regattas like this and to rent boats in different parts of the country in the future. Thank you so much Martin Moe, for the opportunity, to Christian Husvik for lending NTNUi his X-35, Nesodden Seilforening for such an awesome organization and The Norwegian Sailing Association for a great weekend.

Here are some pictures from the weekend!